Cazenac,Marry me in France
Sunset at Chateau de la Bourlie Dordogne France
First look of the wedding dress by the bridesmaids at Chateau Cazenac
Wedding couple at golden hour in South West France
Getting ready
Confetti exit from the Church in St Privat with Marrymeinfrance
A kiss in the sunflower fields on South West France Chateau Du Tricot
Elle Decor June 2109
Hair and make-up

Originally from Ireland, I worked in London for 20 years, before moving to France in 2005. As a photographer, much like an actor who wishes to avoid being typecast, I’ve always resisted the idea of specializing into one field of photography. It is best, I find, to remain open to new possibilities. This approach has helped me to find my own unique style, producing real images that resonate with my audience. Using the knowledge and expertise I have accumulated in these fields, all the details just come together.

One of the big things in France is the food. From the two-hour lunch, to the fresh baguettes baked daily in every town and village in the country, France and its love of food is an endless tapestry, and the people who produce it always have their own stories to tell. This interest in food led me to become a 4-time finalist in the International Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year award. In 2016, I became official photographer for the Maîtres des Cuisiniers de France, which has led me ever further down this rich and flavoursome path.

So how did I end up shooting weddings?  In my view Wedding photography is one of the last “pure Reportage events”. Think about Life magazine and the photo essay. This doesn’t really happen anymore with daily news cycles and the constant demand for fast content.

How wonderful then to be able to have your own personal Photographer chronicling  the events of the day and to have the time to make really great images that will stand the test of time.

France is my home, and I really enjoy the culture here and the longer I live here I think I would find it difficult to live anywhere else. It gives me such a buzz to photograph couples who come here to get married. Some will have travelled half-way around the world when I just have to get in my car and drive to the Chateau. 

My photography has taken me all over the world, through Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and the Caribbean, contributing to magazines, agencies or finding artful images from these remote places that I can house in Galérie Samedi (the gallery that I run from my home in the South of France with my wife, Ali). I love the feeling of leaving with a plane ticket in my hand, and I always look for an opportunity to see the world, and bring a piece of it back.

In the end it’s all about balance, and having fun of course.

I look forward to hearing about your plans…

Send me a message but if it’s during the season I may be in deepest France so if you don’t hear back from me in a day or so

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