Dining Alfresco at Chateau De Robernier in Provence
Wedding couple at sunset at Chateau La Bourlie in the Dordogne
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Summer Dresses at a Wedding in France
Chateau la Bourlie
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France is Amazing

It’s host to over 80 million visitors every year and it has an incredible variety of food, wine, architecture, history and landscapes, Chateaux for Destination Weddings.. and, oh yes, there is the cheese..

I have been living here for 15 years now and each year as I travel around France I meet new people and find amazing venues.

It’s big.. France is enormous, around twice the area of the UK for example but roughly the same population. That gives us space and also the time to enjoy the little things in life.

Like the perfectly formed croissant with your coffee at the cafe in the village, the “Cassoulet” that has been made with so much love and care.

Life in France is different, but that’s why we like it. The unhurried lunch, the long randonees in the mountains, the local markets with their stalls groaning under the weight of lovely fresh local produce.

Il faut autant de temps qu’il faut!

This wonderful French expression literally means that things will take as long as they need, not more, not less. If you are familiar with  the Slow Food movement, then you will know what I’m talking about.

It’s the “Culture”. Eating food when it’s in season, taking the time to enjoy a glass of Montrachet.

Long conservations in the lovely warm evenings at the Cafe with a Pastis or two.

So imagine all this as a template for your Wedding in France . This is why I love shooting weddings here. I travel big distances, for sure, as France is a big place, and the area I cover ( South West and South) is large but there’s always the opportunity of stopping for lunch on my way home.