• What's your Style?

There are a lot of different styles and ways of shooting people but for me the key is to find the emotion in the shot. Yes we all want beautiful images but I like to find that moment where there is a thought, a feeling or just a smile. That way when you look at my images in years to come you will remember how you felt, not what I was directing you to do.

• How many Images will we get?

It depends on the package but between 500 and 700 fully corrected and delivered at full resolution without watermark.

• How did you get into photographing Weddings?

I have been a photographer all my working life however I only started shooting weddings when I moved to France Nearly 15 yers ago now. I like to think that my life-long experience brings an additional element to your date. I'm not so much into what's popular at the moment but what's "real" and will stand the test of time. I want you to be able to look at you images and be instantly transported back to your day in France

• How long do you stay on our Wedding Day?

Well unlike a lot of other photographers, when you book me , you book me for the whole day.
This means that I'm 100% focussed of working with you to deliver the best set of images I possibly can. I'm there to tell the story of your day and I'm there until I feel that I have exactly what I need to do that.

• We are not very comfortable in front of the camera.

You would be surprised how many of my couples have told me this. It's no good being told just relax. I am spending all day with you and I guarantee by the end of it you will be cured.

• How long before we get our images?

Delivery of the final set of images is between 8-10 weeks in high season but I send you a little selection of images in the days after your wedding as everyone is always super excited to see some official ones from the day