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Villa Wedding south of France John Armstrong-Millar
Chateau Maximin
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Chateau de La Couronne Taiwanese wedding in South West France
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Chateau Soulac Wedding Barn
Chateau St Paul
Fairytale Beginning


Of the many things I love about France is the amazing venues I get to shoot weddings at has to be near the top. Each year I shoot old favourites I work with around 5 amazing venues , hence the page title. These are not just any venues that happen to be close to where I live, but venues that are internationally renowned and featured on the pages of Vogue and Elle Decoration, that said it’s not all about “chic” For me it’s about the people who come here because they love France, whether it’s an amazing Chateau with it’s own private chapel or the “Marie” in a tiny village the “backdrop” of rural France is a dream come true for a photographer like me.

Of course it’s not just the old favourites as I have said.. also new ones. There is nothing more exciting as shooting a wedding at a new venue, to explore all the possibilities. As they say “There’s really nothing like the First Time” Of course I have my favourites and some of the venues are like old friends. Each year I get to meet them and we have a party together..

Each part of France has a different character, The Loire Valley and its amazing Majestic Chateaus and it’s proximity to Paris, the Dordogne Valley, famous for it’s 1200 chateaus, yes that’s right 1200, some of them dating from the 11th Century. It’s beautiful countryside and famous cuisine  and of course The Riviera encompassing The Côte D’Azure and Provence with it’s hill top villages and cafes in shady treelined streets. With the clack of Boule being played and the background chirp of the cicadas it’s a veritable “soundtrack” to Summer.

The sheer regional variety is simply stunning, each region has it’s own cuisine, it’s own wine and even it’s own architecture. If you are thinking of coming to France to get married, do that.. and stay in France after the wedding and enjoy this amazing country . Ali and I have been here 15 years now and we feel that we have barely scratched the surface 

So this means that I travel a lot, I get to see and stay in some wonderful places in France which feeds my other passion, food. To say that France enjoys it’s food is a bit of an understatement; Just ask any French person about food; they will tell you how to eat it, what to eat it with and how to cook it. The problem will be getting them to stop talking about it.


Oh! and there is the wine. That’s a whole other story…

Having been in France for a few years now I have spent a bit of time photographing food and wine. have a look here.  “JAM Food

Thought the year I’m often shooting food or interiors and often as not in the winter months I’m travelling (preferable somewhere hot) So when wedding season arrives in France in April I have a whole new range of experiences to bring to your wedding day I feel that this gives me a different viewpoint from a lot of wedding photographers .